#YouCanCare is one of the biggest weeks in the health and social care calendar, and as a national awareness day, it is a key date to educate the nation on all things care.

At Radis Community Care, we do our best to support, encourage and educate carers across England and Wales all year round, but we like to highlight this annual event to raise even more awareness of the industry.

What is You Can Care Week?

The week-long campaign shines a spotlight on the crucial roles within the health and social care sector, and the truly positive impact that carers have on not just the individuals they care for, but friends, families and local communities, too.

This year, #YouCanCare takes place from 12th February to 18th February, and has proven to be a huge success since the campaign first launched in 2018.

Now, in its seventh year, #YouCanCare continues to promote recruitment, encourage career changes and remind people of the appreciation we should have for carers.

It also promotes the versatility of caring as a career – anybody can become a carer, there really are no limitations.

The values needed to work in care

At Radis, you don’t need to have years of experience to become a carer. In fact, you don’t need any experience at all.

Instead, becoming a carer requires a particular set of values and skills. These include:

  • Being kind and compassionate
  • Being empathetic
  • Being flexible and reliable
  • Being patient and respectful
  • Having great social skills
  • Promoting independence
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Being a strong communicator

The benefits of working in care

It’s safe to say that not many jobs are as rewarding as being a carer. The level of job satisfaction is like no other, and no two days are ever the same. Every client is different, which means every day is different, too.

A simple visit to somebody in receipt of care can make their entire day. As a carer, you may be the only person they speak to, and they will really cherish and appreciate any care, support, conversation and interaction they receive.

Knowing that you have made a real difference to a person’s day, week and life in general means that you will be going home with a huge smile at the end of each day.

Not only that, but being a carer means you’re in a job that has the potential to be flexible, meaning you’re able to have a healthy work-life balance.

Radis takes on #YouCanCare Week 2024

At Radis, we take immense pride in the way that we care for our clients and residents, and for this year’s #YouCanCare Week, we’ve caught up with a few members of the Radis team about their journey within the social care sector.

Many of our carers come from a wide range of backgrounds. From police officers and carpenters to supermarket and factory workers, our roster of carers haven’t always been in the health and social care sector.

Our support worker Luke, has more than a decade’s experience as a carpenter – but swapping tools for caring, Luke uses the skills he has learnt over the years to deliver an excellent level of service to people he cares for. Communication, teamwork and attention to detail are just a few of the transferable skills Luke has learned along the way.

Luke encourages everybody who is considering it, to give a career in care a go. He said, “What I love most is connecting with everyone here. When I first started, I didn’t know how I’d get on as I’d never worked in care before, but I’m a people person and I have great job satisfaction. I have a connection with the people we support, and I’m proud to see how happy it makes them doing new things and learning new life skills”.

Before joining Radis as a care worker, Julie worked in a supermarket and uses her people skills to deliver quality care to her clients. She said, “I love making people’s day and making them feel like they’re number one”.

Carl worked in a factory making car parts prior to being a carer at Radis, and the communication and teamwork skills that he learned on the factory floor, enables him to provide first-class care to his clients. He said, “I’ve enjoyed every moment. It can be demanding at times, but I like seeing the smiles on the faces of the people I care for”, describing becoming a carer as the “best decision he’s ever made”.

 You don’t have to be a care worker to work in care

But, there are many more careers available within the social care sector than a care worker.

Kris Oughton has worked at Radis for several years now as Activities Co-Ordinator for our Dorothy Terry House Extra Care Service in Redditch.

Kris’ work within the business is crucial in keeping our residents and the people we care for engaged, socialised and importantly, keeping their brains as active as possible.

As part of his role, Kris organised and held events and activities at Dorothy Terry House, celebrating various seasons and occasions whilst creating fun-filled weekly activities programmes for the residents and people we care for.

From breakfast club, baking club, art club, cinema club, knit and natter club as well as a whole host of music themed games and interactive activities, Kris has made a huge impact on everybody involved. So much so that he has recently been promoted to National Activities Lead.

Proving that working within the health and social care sector can be ambitious and full of progression, Kris’s new role will enable him to support all Radis services with their activities, implementing an incredible programme to be used across our services in England and Wales.

Kris said, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Radis and my colleagues for their continued support and help with the events and activities that I have hosted at Dorothy Terry House over the past three years.

“Although I am very excited and really enjoying my new role, I am very sad to leave all the amazing Residents and Staff at Dorothy Terry House. We have had so much fun over the past three years and have built really, strong relationships.

“To be supporting all of Radis’ services is an amazing opportunity, and I am also working on two very exciting projects which will be announced soon.”

Radis continues to support its carers and employees throughout You Can Care Week and beyond.

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