Radis Community Care is supporting World Alzheimer’s Day by encouraging staff to become Dementia Friends.

By registering with the Dementia Friends scheme, Radis has access to best practice guidance, videos and other resources specially created by the Alzheimer’s Society to improve awareness and understanding of the condition.

The organisation which provides community care to people with a range of needs including dementia, has made these resources accessible to staff via its online training system.

Deepesh Patel, Director of Radis said: “After encouraging our colleagues to log on and get involved for World Alzheimer’s Day, we now have 800 Radis Dementia Friends and counting.We hope that many more will pledge their support and encourage others both inside and outside Radis to understand dementia and the challenges that people face, so that we can best support them not only within our services but in our wider communities too.”

To find out more or register as a Dementia Friend visit: dementiafriends.org.uk/dforganisations and use code: GP02489

For more information email: communications@radis.co.uk

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