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Visiting Care is support given to you by professional carers in your own home. If you are struggling to manage day-to-day due to frailty, disability, a health condition or any other reason; Visiting Care could offer you the support you need to avoid residential care and remain independent in the home you love. Radis is a national home care provider, with care at home visits provided in England and Wales.

Remain in your home

Visits as often as you need them

Practical help with everyday tasks

Flexible to meet your needs as they change

Services in England & Wales

Personal care including medication assistance and nursing care

Professional carers

Support for family carers to have a break

Ivan’s story

Our carers supported Ivan whilst his wife Sonia had some respite. Working alongside the nurses and matron involved in Ivan’s care, we were able to make sure that Ivan was comfortable and happy in his own home whilst Sonia had a much-needed break.

“The carers knew Ivan and his diabetic needs,” said Sonia. “The carers, the nurses and matron all worked hard together, following meal plans which I worked out to go with his insulin dosage. They acted on any concerns promptly and Ivan was well looked after.

“Our home was found to be tidy and clean on my return and my husband Ivan was himself happy with the care received.

“At times his frailty and wellbeing are a concern and his needs were met professionally.”

What is Visiting Care?

Unlike residential care, Visiting Care is carried out in the comfort of your home and allows you to receive the support you need without the disruption of moving into a care, nursing or residential home.

Your carers will visit you in your home as often as you need them, at times agreed with you. Visiting Care can also be known as home care, domiciliary care, or convalescent care.

Time and frequency to fit your needs

We can provide visits as often as you need them, throughout the day, 365 days a year. Typically visits can take place anytime from 6am through to 11pm, and we can even arrange overnight care if you need it.

Many clients choose to have regular daily visits, or even more than once daily, for example to support getting up, going to bed, mealtimes or medication times. However we can also change this frequency, for example if you need visits on certain days, or perhaps a weekly visit to help you with shopping or housework.

Visits from 15 minutes up to 24/7 cover

Our services are completely tailored to your individual circumstances, ranging from short pop-in visits to check you’re ok, to longer sessions of care that last up to 24 hours to support you in any part of your day-to-day life.

Care tailored to your needs

Before we provide any care, we will meet you, understand from you your needs and preferences, what other support you have/don’t have and work with you to put together a support plan.

If there are aspects of your care that you would prefer to do yourself, our carers will always respect your personal choices and if your needs change in the future, so too can our level of support.

We will regularly review your care with you and adapt it to suit, to make sure it fits around your needs fully. You can ask for us to review the care anytime too.

Personal and practical care

Visiting Care is suitable for anyone who needs some extra help to lead the life they choose and can cover a range of activities including:
  • Preparing meals
  • Home help, including household chores such as cleaning and laundry
  • Support with personal care such as washing, dressing and getting dressed
  • Ensuring that any medication is taken at the right time
  • Support with moving around the house and getting out and about for doctors’ or hospital appointments, shopping or hobbies and interests
  • Caring for a pet
  • Companionship for the elderly or for those who are isolated
  • End of life/palliative care at home
  • Short term or convalescent care
  • Supporting with your health conditions, including nurse-led support where needed
  • Although it is sometimes called home care, your care is not confined to your home. Your carer can enable you to get out and about to pursue your hobbies, interests and live an independent life too.

Medication assistance and nursing care

We are experienced at helping people with various different needs such as frailty, physical or other disabilities, health conditions such as dementia or Parkinson’s Disease, or even more complex health needs where nursing care is required.

We also support with therapy directed by other health professionals such as reminders to take medication and making sure appointments are kept. As you approach the end of your life, our carers can help to ensure that your final days are as comfortable as possible.

Flexible to meet your changing requirements

If your needs change in the future, so too can our level of support. We ensure that our service adapts to your changing needs, even where they increase, with the amount of care you need to stay safe and independent in your own home.

Professional, trained carers

Our carers are fully vetted and selected for their caring nature. They have a comprehensive induction are trained and supervised to ensure they meet your needs in a professional, dignified, compassionate and personalised way, as well as receiving ongoing training, refreshers and opportunities to obtain qualifications.

Affordable costs

As a visiting service, you only have as much care as you need, therefore costs are generally far less than residential or other types of care, with the added benefit of being able to remain in your own home.

Supporting family carers to have a break

If you have a friend or family member who cares for you, visiting care could mean that they can take a break, go to work, go shopping or keep other commitments – safe in the knowledge that you are being well cared for in their absence.

To do this, we work sensitively and empathetically with you and the rest of the family, understanding your preferences, routines and how to do this in a way that fits within the family setup.

We can also provide support over a number of days or weeks to provide longer respite, perhaps for your family carer to go on holiday, or at short notice if they have encountered a crisis such as being admitted to hospital or taking ill.

Network of branches covering much of England & Wales

We have branches that cover many areas around the heart of England and Wales. Please look at our interactive map to find a branch that covers your area.

“Our son is cared for so well, we are able to continue with our own lives knowing that he is happy and safe.”

Family memberComplex Care

“Radis has been a God send for me and my family, I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me.”

Family memberChildren’s Support

“I’ve waited 30 years to feel like this, the service is paradise.”

ClientSupported Living, Staffordshire

“Living in my own home and keeping my independence has always been very important to me and with the help of Radis Community Care, I am able to do this. My care worker lives with me and helps and supports me with everything I need. Without my live-in care workers, I would not be able to live safely and independently in my own home.”

ClientLive-in Care

“It gives me comfort that although I live overseas I know mum couldn’t be in better hands.”

Family memberVisiting Care, Berkshire

“I am now 97 years old and am still able to do what I can for myself, which is thanks to the design of the building and the care and support I receive from the staff.”

ResidentWellwood House Extra Care Housing scheme

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