At Radis Community Care, many of its services are known for their picturesque gardens and outdoor surroundings. And, for the people they care for, the great outdoors can help aid recovery and provide them with a sense of accomplishment.

Gardening has many benefits and as with spending time in the great outdoors, it is a fantastic mood booster and is ideal for improving health and wellbeing.

From increasing serotonin, providing a sense of growth and new life, as well as bringing people together and being a great way to naturally destress, gardening is something that all of our services and care workers encourage the people we care for to get involved in.

For National Gardening Week 2024, we thought we’d share some heartwarming stories of people we care for that are passionate about gardening.

One Radis service in particular is renowned for encouraging its residents to continue working on their passions, and has even helped a stroke survivor to continue with his love of gardening.

Baron’s Place, a supported living service in Burntwood, Staffordshire is the home of Barry Morgan. Having had a stroke at birth, Barry was told he’d never walk and has defied all odds by not only walking, but by finding a passion in gardening.

Barry also works at a gardening service company and they have specially adapted a lawnmower for his use, enabling him to get involved with the gardening works around the service despite having a paralysed right hand.

Barry said, “Gardening is my happy place and I’m enjoying myself”, and encourages people to “never give up, keep trying and keep learning.”

From mowing the lawn and weeding, to chopping up firewood and making a bug house, there is nothing that Barry hasn’t gotten involved in.

Similarly, one of our supported living services in Lincolnshire is keen to encourage the people it supports to immerse themselves in various community activities, including gardening.

The supported living service works closely with Green Synergy, a community gardening programme that works with those with additional needs and long-term health problems as well as those struggling with their mental health to enable them to develop new outdoor skills.

One person who receives care from our staff is Schneider, who also happens to be a keen gardener. Communicating only through British Sign Language and Makaton, Schneider’s care workers provide him with support to enhance his day to day life.

Schneider’s journey at the supported living service exemplifies his remarkable progress in social and physical well-being, and he continues to fulfil his dreams whilst positively impacting his local community and environment through his volunteer work.

With the support of his care worker, Schneider tells us all about how gardening has changed his life since getting started in 2022.

Q. How does gardening make you feel?

A. Excited! Full of beans and full of energy. I like running in the garden and feel depressed when I’m not out there

Q. What have you learned in the garden?

A. I’ve learned how to shred cardboard for compost, how to prepare the pots for plants, planting and painting.

Q. What is your proudest achievement in the garden?

A. Planting and bringing home produce, such as potatoes. My level of concentration has also really improved and it helps with my mood.

Q. How have your Radis support workers helped you?

A. They provide me with emotional support and encouragement, help me to find activities in the community and at home, as well taking me on days out. They also help with meal preparation and encourage healthy eating habits alongside learning BSL to improve communication and ensure all needs are met.

Q. How has Green Synergy helped you?

A. The programme has helped with emotions and development, built confidence and helped improve concentration.

Schneider’s care worker, Babatunde Oshilaja said of his progress, “Schneider has been an active volunteer at the Green Synergy garden programme for over a year and during this time he has developed a diverse set of skills, including painting, soil knowledge and gardening.”

At Radis, we’re proud to work with third party firms, local communities and authorities to do all we can to encourage independence, and utilise our services gardens and surroundings.

It’s incredibly important to us that we are able to make the most out of our amenities and ensure that the people we care for are as involved as they wish to be.

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