Supported Living For people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health problems Voice, control, independence Supporting you with an emphasis on maximising life skills Overcoming barriers Lead the life you choose

Supported Living offers people aged 16 and over with a wide range of needs including physical and learning disabilities, autism and mental health problems, the right care to enable them to lead the lives they choose.

Overcoming barriers to maximise your independence

Support to access funding and manage your money including Direct Payments

Support to find the right home and maintain your own tenancy

Personal care and everyday practical support

Supporting young people to take their first steps into adulthood

Assistive technology for greater independence

Services in England and Wales

Jordan’s story

Jordan who is in his 20s and has a learning disability, had been living in a foster placement and had a limited concept of what was expected of someone living alone and also very little in the way of furniture.

We helped Jordan to move into a bespoke, first home of his own and worked with him to understand his needs and future aspirations.

We set monthly goals with Jordan that we support him to work towards and staff are enjoying seeing Jordan become more independent in his day to day life. Currently we are supporting him to look for voluntary work in a field that he has interests in.

Jordan said: “Since moving into my flat, staff have helped me to develop cooking skills, budget my money for bills and shopping, and to keep my flat clean.

“I love my flat and the staff have helped me to buy nice things to make it homely. I feel independent and grown up and it is nice that the staff here are around to check in and ask me if I am okay. I am very happy.”

Who do we support?

We can support anyone over the age of 16 to lead the independent and fulfilled lives they choose. This includes people living with learning disabilities, profound and multiple learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, acquired brain injuries, mental health problems and physical disabilities.

We can help you through all stages of life, from taking your first steps towards moving out of the family home and living independently, to supporting your changing needs as you grow older. We recognise that you have your own individual needs, abilities, goals and aspirations, so tailor our approach to be as unique as you are.

Our services focus on empowering you to achieve your ambitions, maximise your capabilities and skills, with the reassurance of having consistent support workers along with you on your journey.

Housing support

If you have a disability or long term condition, living independently could be a challenge. You may feel that you need some help to make sure that you stay safe and well; and to carry out essential everyday tasks such as managing your personal care, maintaining your home, organising finances, accessing employment, education, leisure and transport, as well as forming and maintaining relationships with your neighbours, friends and family.

We can provide supported living wherever you call home – whether you live alone, with family or in shared accommodation. Wherever you live, whether you need a little help each day or even 24 hours per day, we match you with the right support workers and tailor our approach to best meet your needs and help you to gain the skills, confidence and routines that you need to lead an active life.

Help to find a new home

Many people who need support may live with their family or in a residential care home and want to live more independently in the community. Some people already live in a supported living accommodation, but it’s not suitable for their needs. Whatever the circumstances, we can support you to find a suitable home.

Thanks to our close relationships with developers, housing providers, other landlords, local authorities, and health professionals, we can assist in finding suitable supported living accommodation across the country, helping you to move in and to settle down at a pace that you’re comfortable with and in partnership with anyone else involved in your care.

Meeting your care needs

Our staff can help meet all of your personal and practical care needs, including nursing care if you have more complex health needs.

Our ethos is ‘doing with’, not ‘doing for’, to help you manage as much of your own care as you can, in manageable steps. In this way we support you to achieve your potential to live as independently as possible – but knowing that we are there to support and reassure whenever you need it.

We match you with the right support workers and tailor our approach to best meet your needs. This could include:

• All aspects of personal care
• Managing underlying health conditions
• Practical everyday support with daily living
• Support with social skills including maintaining contact with family and friends
• Housing and tenancy support including managing money and budgeting
• Accessing education, training, volunteering and jobs including travel training
• Pursuing hobbies and interests

Outreach support

If you don’t require 24/7 support, we also offer an outreach service which can help for shorter periods of time.

This can be visits or a few hours at a time to support you to get out an about, get to school or college, get to work, shops, leisure activities and more. We can also support you while you are at work or education if needed.

If your family usually provide all of your support, we can also arrange to help them have a break for however long they need, stepping into their caring role seamlessly so they have peace of mind of knowing you are safe and in good hands.

Assistive Technology

We can also help you find and use suitable aids, adaptations and assistive technology in your everyday life to help you to maintain your independence, keep safe, and stay active and involved.

Assistive technology could help you to perform tasks that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do and help put you back in control of day to day activities such as bathing and showering, preparing food or going out and about safely.

Your support team

We choose staff who share our Radis Values, have patience and the right skills and experience to work with people with disabilities in a supported living service. We vet these staff to make sure they are suitable and also make sure they have a full induction and additional training in supporting people with their needs, as well as refresher and ongoing training to develop their skills further.

Support to access funding

Your support will usually be paid for by the Local Authority, Clinical Commissioning Group or Local Health Board, although you can also purchase this privately yourself (or control your own budget if you have a personal budget or personal health budget).

We can also help support you to find other funding, for example to help you access benefits and grants that you may be entitled for living independently.

Services available in England and Wales

We have services in several regions of England and Wales. Explore our map to find your local service.

“Our son is cared for so well, we are able to continue with our own lives knowing that he is happy and safe.”

Family memberComplex Care

“Radis has been a God send for me and my family, I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me.”

Family memberChildren’s Support

“I’ve waited 30 years to feel like this, the service is paradise.”

ClientSupported Living, Staffordshire

“Living in my own home and keeping my independence has always been very important to me and with the help of Radis Community Care, I am able to do this. My care worker lives with me and helps and supports me with everything I need. Without my live-in care workers, I would not be able to live safely and independently in my own home.”

ClientLive-in Care

“It gives me comfort that although I live overseas I know mum couldn’t be in better hands.”

Family memberVisiting Care, Berkshire

“I am now 97 years old and am still able to do what I can for myself, which is thanks to the design of the building and the care and support I receive from the staff.”

ResidentWellwood House Extra Care Housing scheme

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