Supporting Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group

We have been supporting people across Shropshire to remain independent and well in their own homes since 2004.

Helping people at the end of their lives to spend their final moments at home

A partnership spanning over 16 years

Working together to support people with complex health needs in their own homes

“We know that most people would much prefer to receive the care and support that they need within the comfort of their own homes. Our services offer people who might otherwise rely on hospital or residential care, the choice to do just that. This is not only better for their personal wellbeing, but also that of their families who can take some time for themselves whilst reassured that their loved ones are getting the care they need.”

Joanne RandleShropshire Branch Manager

In partnership with Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), we support people with various health needs within the comfort of their own homes, including those with complex health conditions who need nurse-led care.

Our local Rapid Response Service also provides fast support to people who are very close to the end of their lives and want to spend their final moments at home with their loved ones.

Our Complex Care staff work closely with the CCG commissioners, nursing staff and other professionals involved to build packages of care that best meet their clients’ needs whilst encouraging their individual capabilities.

Our staff receive clinical training specific to the needs of the individual, meaning that some of the clinical tasks relating to their condition can be carried out at home rather than at hospital.

Carers are able to build close relationships with clients, not only understanding their condition, but also their needs and preferences as an individual and what is important to them.

For these individuals, this service means that they can live much more independently, as an integral part of their families and communities.

Like the Complex Care Service, the aim of our Rapid Response Service is to offer people at the end of their lives, the opportunity to receive the care and support that they need at home.

By making people as comfortable as possible and offering support for their families, we help people who might have ordinarily been taken to hospital for their care to remain at home if that is their wish. Being able to remain in the home that they know and love, surrounded by those who love them can make a huge difference to the individual and their family, allowing them to share those precious final moments together, as comfortably as possible in familiar surroundings.

“Hospital services are under increasing amounts of pressure. By establishing close working relationships such as this, not only relieves some of this pressure by providing people with the care they need at home, but more importantly, leads to better choice and outcomes for people who need our support.”

Colin Evans Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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