Our partnership with Platform Housing Group

For a number of years, Radis has successfully worked separately and then together with the organisations – Festival Housing and Worcester Community Housing (who joined to become Fortis Housing) and Waterloo Housing, who would all later merge to become Platform Housing Group.

Three Extra Care Housing schemes

Supporting 220 people to live independently

A shared commitment to providing quality services

“Extra care and retirement village housing is a growing form of housing that is gathering popularity since it allows individuals to live in their own home, with their own front door, their own space and independence, but still enjoy a secure and easily accessible community and facilities.”

Paula HoggarthGroup Operations Director of Radis Community Care

We now work with Platform across several regions of England and across a number of retirement villages and Extra Care Housing schemes with a shared commitment to the customer experience, working to make a real and positive difference to the lives of clients.

Each of the retirement villages and Extra Care Housing schemes; Clarence Park Village and Meadow Court in Worcestershire and Macgregor Tithe in Tamworth, follow the same core principles of offering independent living with access to support and/or care for residents who need it.

The buildings offer the physical environment to promote well-being, including well-appointed private apartments, along with stimulating communal areas to share with fellow residents; whilst Radis provides care and support to those residents who need it.

Radis and Platform Housing Group have successfully worked together to develop a truly joint approach to providing extra care and retirement village services, offering older people the opportunity to continue to living an active and independent lifestyle where previously many may have felt their only alternative was to access a care home, this is definitely not the case.

“Our partnership with Radis has been extremely rewarding and forward thinking in developing our Retirement Village services. We are both committed to great customer service and are always looking to gather feedback and learning from our customers experiences and aspirations. We work together to review satisfaction and opportunities to learn and improve what we do and how we do it. Retirement Villages with all the wonderful facilities available, offer so much opportunity to enjoy life, together Platform and Radis just make it a little easier with the joined up support and care services we can offer. My advice is come and see for yourselves, you are welcome!”

Louise LeeHead of Supported Housing, Platform Housing Group

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