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Meet our management team who oversee the day-to-day running and key decision making at Radis.

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is responsible for the strategic planning and direction of Radis. With over 80 years’ experience of working in social care between them, they use their breadth of knowledge to drive our organisation towards achieving our Vision.

Deepesh Patel

Co-Founder & Executive Director

“My journey into social care started in pharmacy healthcare, where I got so much out of helping people with their health needs. When my brother and I took our first steps into social care, I saw it very much as an opportunity to expand on this experience and help some of the most vulnerable members of our community to live independently.

“Having co-founded Radis and helped to guide Radis to the vibrant organisation we are today, I am now committed to provide strategic leadership and innovative thinking across our business to help improve our service offerings and develop new services to help meet the needs of the community, whilst ensuring we maintain the highest quality standards and promoting a positive culture which transcends into the services we provide.

“What I really get a buzz from is getting out on the road and meeting people – hearing the amazing stories of our staff who make a fantastic difference to the lives of hundreds of people. We’re incredibly fortunate to have so many dedicated staff who care about what they do and the way they do it – bringing our values alive every day.

“My ambition is for us to be the social care provider of choice in the country, supporting more vulnerable people to lead the lives they choose, but never compromising our core Values. Our Vision and Values have remained a constant touchstone, ensuring that we keep people – whether that is our service users or staff at the heart of all we do, and although we have expanded and developed (and continue to do so), we are still very much a grounded and caring organisation.”

Samir Patel

Co-Founder & Executive Director

“I spent my early career in accountancy working with a very wide variety of businesses before my brother and I acquired a small care agency in 2001. We soon accepted we would give care our complete focus; stepping out of our careers to dedicate ourselves to it. Since then, the road to collectively building this organisation has been both challenging and incredibly rewarding.

“Our vision has been to make a positive difference to people’s lives through the services we provide. I am very passionate about our sector and the difference that our services make to people’s daily lives. I feel strongly that people should have access to positive choices for getting the support they need.

“My daily focus is to provide strategic direction, encouragement and to create an environment for innovative thinking, always striving to improve everything we do and for this ethos to factor into every part of Radis.

“I get immense satisfaction, knowing that we are supporting people to have the best quality of life they can and retain independence, dignity and control. I hope that we will be able to reach a great many more people in the future and expand the options that are open to them, for people to see Radis as their provider of choice.

“None of this would be possible without our amazing staff. We hear many wonderful stories of the work they do and the choices they make daily. I am humbled and proud to be able to support them in upholding our Values and by their commitment to making a positive difference to peoples’ lives every day.”

Paula Hoggarth

Group Operations Director

“Having lived in Australia for 22 years, my career in social care didn’t start until 2004. Prior to that my background was in specialist recruitment and business management.

“Within the social care sector, I have experience working with large corporates and for small companies and although Radis is a large organisation what I enjoy most is that it still retains a family feel. This is made possible by a strong set of values and ethics that we all believe in and strive to instil across the group.

“As Group Operations Director I witness these values being demonstrated daily through the amazing difference that I see our front line services making to the lives of people every day and through the teamwork and support that we give to each other to ensure that we are providing the best possible services.

“There’s no denying that social care is a challenging sector to work in, it’s definitely more of a lifestyle than a job, however the rewards and satisfaction of seeing positive outcomes for people as a result of the care and support they have received cannot be matched.

“Despite the challenges, it’s a really exciting time to be part of Radis and the social care sector – recognition of our profession is growing and as far as Radis is concerned our team is expanding and we’re always trying to innovate and diversify into new areas striving to make a difference.”

Helen Lazenby

HR Manager

“My career has always been in HR but I hadn’t worked in the care sector until I joined Radis. Social care was entirely new to me, so there was a lot to learn alongside supporting an organisation that was embarking upon its next stage of growth.

“In my early days of Radis there were just eight branches so I was able to get out and about to visit staff on the frontline and develop an appreciation of what they do and the issues that they face. I still draw on this experience today when I am supporting our managers and their teams in what is now more than 60 branches and services across England and Wales.

“Having been with Radis for 15 years now I feel personally invested in the way that we have and continue to develop, and in supporting our most important asset – our colleagues. Without them we would never be able to deliver the services that make such an amazing difference to our service users, so it’s vital that they feel well supported and valued.

“Valuing people and teamwork are both woven into the fabric of Radis and the best part of my job is seeing these values articulated through the fantastic services that our staff work so hard to provide in order to keep some of the most vulnerable members of our community independent, safe and well.”

Mark Hall

Finance Director

Support Team

Our Support Team ensures that essential back office functions run smoothly and efficiently, providing the support that frontline colleagues need to keep services running for clients.

Nicola Dale

Head of Quality & Compliance

“My journey to joining Radis started some 30 years ago when I commenced my training to become a Registered Nurse. I am qualified in both Adult Nursing and Children’s Nursing and spent many years working as a nurse for both adults and children, before leaving the NHS to pursue roles as a Clinical Auditor and Quality Manager within the private healthcare and adult social care sectors.

“I am really pleased to be back in a role where I can use my nursing qualifications and experience to make a positive difference to the lives of children and adults with a wide range of complex health conditions.

“I think many people might assume that it is not possible to manage complex conditions safely at home, so it is really rewarding for me to give people who require high levels of care the opportunity to do just that – to remain safe and well in the comfort of their own homes and with their families.

“Part of my job is to work with Clinical Commissioning Groups and local health boards to hopefully offer this opportunity to more people and help them to achieve the life they want.”

Gary Dickerson

Head of Business Development

“I have worked in social care for over 20 years, I began my career as a support worker for a mental health trust then worked my way up the support work pathway until I achieved my Level 5 in Health and Social Care Management and became a locality manager. I was always good at forming relationships and had a keen interest in developing and growing the business I worked for. I was lucky to take a role as a development manager for a national provider and was awarded as top regional development manager two years in a row.

I started with Radis in August 2020 during the height of the pandemic to support with the growth of supported living services. At the start of 2022 I was promoted to Head of Business Development; which covers the development and growth of all the services Radis provides across the U.K.

My mantra is “The act of true development is a team working together to sow seeds of mighty oaks, whose shade they know they may never rest in.”

David Evans

Head of Talent Acquisition

Miral Patel

IT Manager

“As a technology manager with over 18 years’ experience in information systems, I am responsible for driving the ongoing growth and development of the IT infrastructure and digital technology across all Radis sites and business functions.

“With a master’s degree in science, I started my career in research and development at a pharmaceutical company which gave me a solid foundation in project management, leadership, and analytics.

“As IT Manager at Radis, I am responsible for the IT team and our IT infrastructure. I work very closely with the Board and all our business functions to evaluate, test, implement and maintain technology solutions including database systems, cyber security, and software.

“IT has shown tremendous and transformative growth and change over 18 years, which has been both challenging and rewarding. I thrive on seeking innovation and technological excellence which help us to achieve our business aims and keep our services running smoothly for staff and service users.

“I am very happy and proud to have been part of the Radis journey from the beginning and with the core Radis values “innovation” and “valuing people” in my heart, I thrive on meeting new challenges every day and providing support to all our staff who work tirelessly to make a positive difference to our community.”

Vince Carlyon

Training Team Manager

“I’ve worked in learning and development for about 22 years within different sectors including retail, distribution and the charity sector.

“I started with Radis around 10 years ago as a Training Officer. I now manage a growing team of five Training Officers who are mainly regional based. Together we support the training and development of all staff including mandatory induction and specialist training for all our care workers. This is delivered both face to face and via our online learning management system that we maintain.

“Satisfaction for me comes with the development, knowledge and skills that individuals gain from the work we do and the learning we provide, in combination with the tangible differences that are demonstrated back in the workplace and with our service users that we care for.

“I see Radis and all that work within it as one family….one team, all striving to be the best at what we do and what we provide to our service users.”

Jackie Hancock

Contracts Manager

“I moved into the care sector after originally starting my career in the facilities management industry.

“My role at Radis is Contracts Manager which includes managing and developing my team of Bid Writers, supporting successful tenders and organic growth, ensuring compliance with procurement processes and overall contract management responsibility through to contract award.

“The main difference at Radis compared to other companies I have worked is the family culture - you can tell everyone does care and takes an interest in you at all levels. People are very supportive and will help you out when they can.

“Excellence is one of the Radis values and there’s a real drive to improve and invest time and support into staff and services. If we do our best in all we do, even when no one is watching the rest with fall into place and you know that people will feel pride in what they do, encouraging them to continue this throughout their career and also personally.

“I love working in the care sector because of the difference it can make to a person's life, talking to my colleagues hearing heart-warming stories, how their support has helped people, even when times are at their hardest. You can tell how much people care about the people they support and the work they do.”

Emily Evetts

Marketing Manager

I joined Radis Community Care as Marketing Manager in October 2021 and my role is to increase our brand awareness, create campaigns to help generate new business, improve our internal communications and to develop and drive our marketing strategy going forward. My role enables me to work with all areas of the business from Recruitment to Operations and it’s a privilege to work with such knowledgeable teams.

My career has always been in Marketing and over the past 9 years I have delivered marketing activities, campaigns and strategies in a number of different sectors from engineering to paper and packaging, however my previous role as social media manager for The Air Ambulance Service charity inspired my passion to work within a service where your work makes a differences to people’s lives.

Jan Wardell

Implementation Manager

“My early career I trained as a Registered Nurse and then an Ambulance Driver. I then relocated to Australia and trained in psychiatric nursing before moving into Phlebotomy. I moved into Social Care when I returned to England and worked as a registered manager for a large national provider before moving to Radis.

“As Group Implementation Manager for Radis I lead on any new business transferring into Radis, whether this be into an existing branch or a new Extra Care Housing scheme, specialist contract or service.

“Although I enjoy all aspects of care I have a particular passion for Extra Care which I see as a key link in the future of the care industry. I am truly motivated by the huge changes that can be made to people’s lives within an extra care setting, watching people's confidence grow just knowing that they have support at hand should they need it.

“What I enjoy most about working for Radis is the people I work with. I value the 'family feel', the ethics and ethos of Radis start at the top and filter down to all levels.”

Jaswant Matharu

Finance Manager

“My career started in the automotive industry, working my way up from junior accountant to business analyst and then management accountant. I later made the decision to move to a not-for-profit housing association where I relished the opportunity to make sure that funds were being used to make the best difference to some of the most vulnerable members of our communities.

“I originally came to Radis to support some project work, but six and a half years later I haven’t looked back and am now Finance Manager looking after a team of finance professionals responsible for payroll, purchases and credit control.

“We support operational teams to do the fantastic work that they all do providing care and support 24/7. From the support team based at head office to the directors and carers on the ground, we are definitely one big team. Although that team has grown over the years along with the number of services that we offer, what I like about Radis is that growth hasn’t been at the expense of our values.

“Integrity is the value most important to me – being open and honest and delivering on our promises is definitely a common thread that runs through all we do.”

Operational Team

Our Operational Team support and lead our frontline colleagues who provide care to clients.

Jayne Watkins

Head of Supported Living

“My career in social care began when I was 18 years old. I started my career as a nursery nurse supporting a child with physical and learning disabilities which was the start of my passion for working with those with learning disabilities and autism. During my career I have worked with both adults and children with disabilities in colleges, day services, regional and national charities and I successfully set up a supported living business in 2011, I exited this business in 2018 to pursue new opportunities.

“After 34 years working across a myriad of settings within social care, one thing I have learned is I am passionate about people. As Head of Supported Living I will have the privileged opportunity to work in co-production with some amazing staff and people we support, and their family and friends, to create bespoke services designed to provide a lifestyle of choice.

“Supported Living gives individuals the opportunity to have choice and control about where they live, who they live with and how their support will look regardless of the level of support they may need to achieve this.

“I am really excited to work together with my Radis colleagues to grow and develop some innovative, bespoke supported living and transform the lives of people with disabilities.“

Jay Symons

National Live-in Manager

“As the National Live-in Manager, I oversee the strategic and operational direction of the service. It is my responsibility to ensure that my team and I are providing nothing short of high quality Live-in Care to adults and older people across England and Wales. I am also the Registered Manager for the service.

“I have worked in the care sector since 2007, specialising in supporting adults and older people. Prior to becoming the National Live-in Manager for Radis, I was an Operations Manager within the company and also have experience as a Project Manager and Branch Manager within the care sector. Before I came into care, I was in the legal profession specialising in criminal, matrimonial and mental health law.

“I am committed to supporting people to live in their own homes for as long as they choose. Knowing that we provide a service which enables people to live full and independent lives is my greatest satisfaction! I am a true believer that as you grow older, your life does not stop and there is so much more you can do if you want to! It's about us providing the help and support that people may need to continue living their life to the fullest.“

Danielle Jones

Head of Care Services

“I am the Head of Care Services for Radis. I manage a group of Area Managers who have operational oversight of a number of services.

“Prior to starting with Radis in 2010 I had been working in care for two years and did a mixture of residential and domiciliary care as a Care Worker and Supervisor. I joined Radis as a Field Supervisor and through promotion and being given the opportunity to develop, my career has continued to grow from strength to strength.

“I have the most dedicated team that I could ask for. They are always on board when I need them to be and together we face challenges as well as celebrating in the success. When it comes to the senior management team at Radis, I feel like I have a voice and that I am listened to. Radis has given me opportunities to develop with my career as well as supported me with my personal skills to become a professional within the industry.

“It's a challenging industry to be in, however knowing that a positive difference to people's lives is being made from the business that you are a part of gives motivation within itself to get out of bed and go to work in the morning. Social care to me is a lifestyle not a job and I wouldn't want it any other way.”

Karen Farrant

Area Manager

“I joined Radis as an Area Manager for Cambridgeshire and am really happy to say that since then my area of responsibility has increased and I now look after services that cover the whole of East Anglia.

“I currently work with three different councils and have 12 Extra Care Housing schemes and one Visiting Care branch that does not just deliver care in the community, but also has a hospital to home service.

“My role is to support the managers in my area to provide an excellent standard of care to all of our service users as well as to build good working relationships with the local authorities to promote Radis as a company, increase business opportunities and to achieve safe practice.

“Working in care gives me a lot of personal satisfaction as I have had my own family member receive care and after that experience I wanted to make a difference myself. I am very passionate and committed to my role and always strive to do my best for the company and the people we look after.”

Allie Gillespie

Area Manager

“I am the Area Manager for Hampshire and Berkshire. My primary role is to support the managers in the area with the management of services, quality, compliance, finance, business planning and contractual targets and KPIs.

“In my area I have two Visiting Care branches that support people in their own homes, one Supported Living service which supports people with a learning disability to lead independent and fulfilling lives and seven Extra Care Housing schemes which are independent living services for people who have a care need.

“It is a very diverse role so no two days are the same. To see people happy with their lives with care as the main motivator and to manage branch managers so that they feel supported, is key to excellent care being delivered in each location. Valuing people is key to every task that Managers and myself undertake.

“The thing I like best about working for Radis is the people! Everyone is helpful and happy to answer questions and provide support.”

Julie Wales

Area Manager

“As Area Manager for Nottinghamshire, Cheshire and part of Staffordshire I oversee our Visiting Care services in this area as well as several Extra Care Housing schemes.

“I am at my happiest when I can go out to the branches and Extra Care schemes in my area and spend time with the teams, working together to constantly improve and come up with new ways of doing things to benefit our clients. Most of all, I love having a chat with our service users when I can and seeing first hand that we are helping to make them happy.

“I haven’t always worked in social care. I previously worked as a commercial mortgage manager, but being made redundant prompted me to seek out new opportunities. I have to say I didn’t enjoy my first part-time role to begin with, I found it too emotional. But after a while I realised what a difference I was making and that I was getting a huge amount of fulfillment from helping people.

“16 years on and it is the best move that I ever made. I am all about people and making sure that they receive quality care, I really do love what I do.”

Shelley Lewis

Area Manager

“I have been at Radis for nine years now and I am currently an Area Manager responsible for leading and supporting all the managers in my patch who run our local Visiting Care branches and Extra Care services. Although our organisation is made up of numerous branches and Extra Care Housing schemes it really does feel like one big family.

“My nan sadly passed away when I was 16, but the amazing care she was provided in her final days inspired me as a young teenager to do some work experience in a nursing home and this is where my career in care really began.

“After taking a short break from care to work in retail whilst I raised my family, I returned to working in the community.

I started working in the Social Care sector when I was 18, and over the last 30 years I have worked in many different roles such as a Care Worker, Team Leader, Registered Manager and I am now an Area Manager. My area includes two visiting care branches and 11 Extra Care Schemes.

I transferred across to Radis in 2021, and my favourite thing about working for Radis is that despite the size of the company it still holds it family orientated approach.``

Sharon Harley

Area Manager

“I have been at Radis for nine years now and I am currently an Area Manager responsible for leading and supporting all the managers in my patch who run our local Visiting Care branches and Extra Care services. Although our organisation is made up of numerous branches and Extra Care Housing schemes it really does feel like one big family.

“My nan sadly passed away when I was 16, but the amazing care she was provided in her final days inspired me as a young teenager to do some work experience in a nursing home and this is where my career in care really began.

“After taking a short break from care to work in retail whilst I raised my family, I returned to working in the community.

“Working with all of our fantastic staff to provide great services to keep people safe and well is my motivation, for example through our Extra Care schemes where we are helping people achieve an excellent quality of life while promoting independent living in a supportive community environment.”

Cheryl Kumar

Autism & Forensic Lead

“A major part of my role as Operations Manager for Supported Living Services is to lead on Radis’ response to the Transforming Care programme – an NHS initiative which is all about improving health and care services so that more people can move out of hospital settings and live within the community with the right support and reduced risk of placement breakdown.

“I’ll be leading a specialist team within Radis, offering people with complex learning difficulties, autism, behaviors of concerns and mental health conditions, the enhanced intensive support that they need, taking into consideration the new challenges they may face reintegrating into the community.

“Before joining Radis, I had several years’ experience of managing and developing domiciliary care and supported living services with a focus on forensic provision for other care providers, but I also have close family members living with challenging needs and behaviors, so leading on this work is very personal to me.

“It is so important to me to see and treat people as individuals and not allow their needs to define them or put unnecessary limits on their independence. By taking the time to understand people, their aspirations and their boundaries, we can offer the professional, specialist support they need to play an active part in the community and achieve their goals.”

Gavin Dixon

Supported Living Operations Manager

“I have worked in health and social care for 25 years, working in both adult and children's services which support individuals who have complex additional, autism, learning disabilities, mental health and physical disabilities. I am an experienced staff manager providing support to Registered Managers to ensure optimum care.

I am passionate about making a difference and committed to a person centred support, it is my firm belief that support should be by design. Together with my team we are proud to provide high quality outcomes. ”

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