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Have you reached a stage when you need more help to stay safe and well in your own home? Have your needs changed where you need flexible support through the day and even overnight?

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Some of the benefits

Alternative to residential care home

24/7 care

Carer stays in your home

Flexible support

Nationwide coverage

Daytime or nighttime

Professional carers

Whatever your care or health needs

What is live-in care

What are the benefits of live-in care

Why choose Radis

Stay in your own home

Live-in is unlike other types of care, where a fully trained carer stays with you in your own home, rather than just popping in to visit.  This means that you will have access to flexible support through the day or even overnight when you need it, with the peace of mind of knowing a helping hand is close by.

You may feel moving into a care home as your only option, but Radis’ Live-in service may be just the alternative you’re looking for to help you stay independent your own home, where you want to be.

24/7 flexible care

Having a professional carer staying in your home means that they can be flexible and fit around your needs and preferences.

Typically, your carer will be able to be at hand for 10 or more hours per day, fitting their breaks around you, and able to respond promptly should you need support unexpectedly.

By working in this flexible way, Live-in Care is a practical solution for many people who have changing needs or may need the reassurance of help at hand to fit around their normal lifestyle.  In fact, with Live-in Care no two days need to be the same!

Whatever your needs or circumstances

Radis’ Live-in Care provides support to people with many different needs and circumstances.

Maybe you just want a companion to give you peace of mind someone is there?  Perhaps your needs are changing or unpredictable?  Or do you have a disability, suffer from dementia, Parkinson’s or other long-term condition?  Even with nursing care needs, live-in care can be suitable for many people.

No two people need the same support, but here are some examples of how Live-in Care can support you:

  • Preparing and eating meals
  • Household chores
  • Getting up in the morning and going to bed
  • Washing and dressing
  • Going to the toilet and continence care
  • Help with (including administration of) medicines
  • Getting out and about to shops and other places
  • Looking after pets
  • Health needs, including nursing care

Understanding your needs

Before we provide support for the first time, we will visit you, introduce Radis and ask you and your family exactly what support you need, and how you would like it.  If needed we will visit again, until we fully understand your needs and wishes.  We will answer all questions you have, so that you are clear about what to expect from us.

Using this information, we will work with you to draw up a support plan and make clear all costs.  We will also offer you choices of carers who we feel are most suitable for your circumstances.

When you are happy we will agree a start date, but make sure we check everything is working fine with you at regular intervals.

Your carer

You can be assured that we provide all our staff with comprehensive training, not only in providing care, but also the flexible nature of live-in care.  Whatever your needs, we will make sure your carer has specific training to provide whatever care you need, including understanding you and any conditions or disabilities you have.

We choose staff with strong values, suitability for live-in care and experience.  Live-in care is different to other types of care, and so we are careful to select staff with the right qualities.

Carers live in a spare room in your home, and so we vet them carefully, make sure they are respectful of your home, and whilst staying can seamlessly fit in, working around your individual lifestyle and preferences.

Typically you will have only one or two main staff (covering each other), with one carer staying for two or more weeks at a time with you.  In this way carers can become very familiar with your routines.

How much does Live-in Care cost?

Costs can depend very much upon your needs and how much time each day the carer is likely to support you. 

In general costs can vary between £1078 to £1785 per week, making Live-in Care very comparable to residential care, but with the advantage of you not having the emotional upheaval of having to move out of your own home.

For family carers looking for short-term care for their loved one whilst they have a break, we also offer a respite Live-in Care service with prices ranging between £1533 to £1925 per week depending on individual needs.

“Our son is cared for so well, we are able to continue with our own lives knowing that he is happy and safe.”

Family memberComplex Care

“Radis has been a God send for me and my family, I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me.”

Family memberChildren’s Support

“I’ve waited 30 years to feel like this, the service is paradise.”

ClientSupported Living, Staffordshire

“Living in my own home and keeping my independence has always been very important to me and with the help of Radis Community Care, I am able to do this. My care worker lives with me and helps and supports me with everything I need. Without my live-in care workers, I would not be able to live safely and independently in my own home.”

ClientLive-in Care

“It gives me comfort that although I live overseas I know mum couldn’t be in better hands.”

Family memberVisiting Care, Berkshire

“I am now 97 years old and am still able to do what I can for myself, which is thanks to the design of the building and the care and support I receive from the staff.”

ResidentWellwood House Extra Care Housing scheme

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