Radis Community Care, a leading provider of community-based social care has launched a bespoke Supported Living Service in Malvern, featuring assistive technology.

The property in Malvern offers individuals with disabilities the right care and support to overcome barriers and maximise their independence. Radis were approached directly by Worcester County Council to work with families of four friends who were searching for a place together to live independently with on-demand support.

The property has secure DDA certified access and is fitted with assisted technology from UKTPS including the Advent XT2. This is a grouped living alarm and communication system, which directly links to an onsite scheme manager or to an offsite alarm-receiving centre. This provides a means of quicker, simpler and more effective communication between a resident and the onsite or offsite responder.

Gary Dickerson, business development and implementation manager at Radis said: “We were chosen by Worcester County Council to source and create a small supported living property for a group of individuals who wanted to live together after failing to find something that met their needs.

“The transitional work between the staff and the young individuals has allowed us to build a rapport and create a bespoke plan for the individuals. With regular progress meetings, the tenants were able to be involved at each planning stage of the project from choosing the colours of the walls to the final furnishings of their home. They were also able to get on site and meet the contractors building their home. As with every building project, there were some hiccups that we all worked together to overcome.

“I am looking forward to seeing the individuals’ journey to living a more independent life with the support of trained staff who know them well.”

Supported living schemes present individuals with learning and physical difficulties, autism and/or mental health problems with the confidence to overcome barriers and take their first steps into independent living. Radis ensures that each person is treated on an individual basis and that their care is tailored to suit their needs.

Radis is a community-based care and support provider that was established in 2001. Since establishing its first Visiting Care branch in Reading, Radis Community Care has grown to become a leading provider of community-based social care and support, for vulnerable adults and children, in England and Wales.

For more information about the services provided by Radis, visit www.radis.co.uk or call their Care Advice Line on 0330 100 8150.



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