Radis Hardship Fund

We’re delighted to inform you about the Radis Hardship Fund which we have established to support employees who have experienced a recent change in circumstances resulting in a significant financial impact.

We are working in partnership with The Care Workers’ Charity who will be administering the fund on Radis’ behalf.  Applications for funding will be submitted directly to The Care Worker’s Charity who will assess them and decide whether or not to award a grant.

Please read all of the information on this page before applying for a grant, as it outlines all the information and supporting evidence you need, and will help with your application.

To apply for the Radis Hardship Fund please complete the form here.

Bradford and Oxfordshire have their own Grants which are funded by the local authority for each area. If you live or work in Bradford or Oxfordshire you should apply to your local fund for a Grant instead of the Radis Hardship Fund.

To apply for a Bradford Grant please complete the form here.

To apply for an Oxfordshire Grant please complete the form here. 

The links from this page will take you through to The Care Workers’ Charity website. Information that you submit when making an application will be stored and processed by The Care Workers’ Charity.

Working in partnership with

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

All Radis employees who have not given notice are eligible to apply.

Staff who are employed in Bradford and those who are employed or live in Oxfordshire are eligible for equivalent scheme provided by Bradford Council or Oxfordshire County Council and should make their applications to these funds.

What do you count as a change in circumstances?

You need to have encountered a change in circumstances in the last year that has had a significant financial impact. This can include:

  • A sudden or unexpected loss of income
  • A sudden or unexpected illness or injury
  • A sudden or unexpected change in living circumstances or loss of home
  • A relationship breakdown
  • An issue of domestic abuse
  • Death of a close relative

Do you take my finances into account when assessing my application?

Yes. We impose the following financial thresholds:

  • Applicants must not be over 25% of the Minimum Income Standard (MIS). This calculation was developed by the poverty research charity, The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and its assessment of what is needed to have a decent minimum living standard in the UK.
  • Applicants must have household savings less than £3,000 for a single adult household or £6,000 for a couple.

I’ve applied before, can I apply again?

If a previous application to us was declined, you can apply again. But please consider why you were declined and check the eligibility criteria before applying again.

I received a grant from the Care Worker’s Charity before, can I apply again?

You can only apply again if you received your grant over 12 months ago.

What kind of support do you offer?

Grant awards are typically limited to a maximum of £200.


We may be able to assist with:

  • Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Order (DRO) Application Fee
  • Car Repairs
  • Daily Living Expenses
  • Essential Household Items
  • Essential Home Repairs
  • Fees to Prevent Eviction
  • Funeral Costs for a close relative
  • Moving Costs
  • White Goods


We do not provide assistance for:

  • Debts – consumer credit/debt repayments, payday loans, overdraft fees
  • Legal fees and costs of legal representation
  • Payment of fines
  • House purchase
  • Private medical treatment
  • Private education
  • Higher education course fees
  • Carpets

What supporting documents do I need to submit with my grant application?

Mandatory supporting documents required by all applicants include:

  • Copy of current Radis ID Badge.
  • Bank Statement confirming your account name, sort code and account number.
  • Confirmation from the HR Team that you are currently employed and your period of employment. The Care Workers’ Charity will contact Radis’ HR Team to request confirmation if you make an application for funding.
  • A letter of support. The letter should confirm the circumstances listed in the application, the potential difference the grant would make, and any supporting details that illustrate the applicant’s situation. The person writing the supporting letter should be a professional. Examples of acceptable sources: housing support worker, doctor, debt advisor, manager at work or an agency such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. The letter should be signed and on headed paper. This letter should NOT be from a friend, family member, or co-worker.

Depending on the nature of your change of circumstances and your reason for applying, we also request:

Medical confirmation of illness/injury:

  • SSP stating time off work due to health issue.
  • Medical letter confirming the condition.
  • Mobility aids need to be recommended by a medical professional.
  • If you are requesting a grant to pay towards home adaptations due to disability, you must have applied for a Disabled Facilities Grant and have a recent occupational therapist’s letter recommending the adaptations.

Repair Costs:

  • Two Contractor Quotes

Preventing Eviction:

  • Proof of Eviction Proceedings

Bankruptcy or DRO Requests:

  • Letter from a Debt Advice Specialist

Moving Costs:

  • New tenancy agreement
  • Removal quotes

Domestic Violence:

  • Letter from a domestic violence support organisation

Funeral Costs:

  • Funeral bill
  • Statement of remaining balance
  • Evidence of your application for the government’s Funeral Expenses Payment if you are eligible

You must send all required documentation to The Care Workers’ Charity before they assess your application.

What is the application process?

To apply for the Radis Hardship Fund please complete the form here.

To apply for a Bradford Grant please complete the form here.

To apply for an Oxfordshire Grant please complete the form here. 

Fill out the application online and upload your supporting documents.

If you are unable to upload your documents, you may send them via email or post.

You can begin the application and return to it later.

If you need further support, please contact grants@thecwc.org.uk.

Can I check on the progress of my application?

Once you’ve submitted your application you’ll receive an automated response which will include a link to your application and a reference number which begins with GA 0000 followed by 4 numbers. Keep this safe – you can use it to check on the progress of your application online on The Care Workers’ Charity Grants Tracker and it’s the best way to see progress on your application.

The HR Team are not involved with your application apart from confirming your employment and qualifying service to The Care Workers’ Charity.  We are not able to provide you with updates and will not know the outcome of your application.

The Care Workers’ Charity kindly ask that you do not keep emailing them to check on the progress of your application – it takes time to respond to emails; they have to search online for your application and then read the notes the assessor has written, before we can reply to you. The best way to check on progress is to use the grants tracker.

How long does it take you to assess an application?

It can take up to two working weeks to assess and process an application if all the relevant documentation has been submitted. If the documentation has not been provided on submission, it will inevitably take longer.

We know it is important to you that you receive a grant, but please do not keep emailing the Grants Team – we’ll be in touch with you if we need anything and we will always process your grant application as quickly as we can.

How will I know if my grant application was successful?

The Care Workers’ Charity will notify applicants via email regarding the outcome of their grant application.

I applied a few weeks ago and haven’t heard anything. Why is this?

This is very unlikely to happen. Check your junk mail as some of The Care Workers’ Charity emails to you may end up in there and they may have responded to your query or be waiting for a response from you.

How will I receive my grant if successful?

Grant award payments are issued in one of three ways:

  1. Payments directly to grantees via BACS (please note the payment can take up to 5 working days to appear in the account)
  2. Payments directly to third parties via BACS (ex: funeral homes, contractors, etc.)
  3. Whitegoods and household item delivery via our suppliers, which will coordinate delivery with grantees directly.

What do I do once I have received my grant?

Please give us some feedback! Good or not so good, we can all learn from your feedback and when it’s good it’s lovely for us to share it with the team. When it’s not so good we can learn from it and improve our processes. Radis and The Care Workers’ Charity always want to do our best for you but we can’t do that if we don’t hear from you. Please get in touch by emailing hr@radis.co.uk

We’d love to hear your stories. We would love to do a short video interview with you, or a phone interview and if you’d prefer to be anonymous, we could work with you on writing your story and using stock photographs if you prefer. Please get in touch by emailing communications@radis.co.uk

Who should I speak to if I have any questions about the fund?

Please speak to your Manager in the first instance.  If you or your Manager require further information please contact the HR Team on 0330 100 8150 or hr@radis.co.uk