We are delighted to announce that we have joined forces with 3Q Financial to help our clients access advice about funding their care.

For people whose personal savings and investments mean that they aren’t eligible to have their care funded by their Local Authority, choosing how to pay for the support that they need is an important decision.

There are a number of ways that people can fund the cost such as from personal income, savings or investments, from an annuity or equity release.

Now, anyone considering equity release as a payment option for Radis services can be referred to 3Q Financial (who are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), for a free consultation.

Equity release is the name given to a range of products aimed at people aged over 55 who want to access the money tied up in the value of their home but wish to continue to live there.

Andrew Myall, Mortgage and Wealth Protection Consultant for 3Q Financial said: “Some people may be wary of equity release however, regulations and equity release products have moved on from the ones that got a bad reputation back in the 1990s. Equity release is now highly regulated and there are options which allow people to access the equity in their homes without relinquishing ownership of the property. However, it is still really important that anyone thinking about this option carefully considers their existing financial situation and long-term goals before committing to this plan.

“Our aim is to provide people with independent advice so that they are empowered to make an informed decision about the funding option that is right for them.”

Liz Lewis, Service Development Director for Radis Community Care added: “We understand that for anyone who has to pay for their own care, making a decision about how to fund it is really fundamental and can also feel like a huge barrier to overcome. We hope that by working alongside 3Q Financial we can offer potential clients a source of useful advice and information to support them through this process and enable them to go on to access the care and support that they need to make a positive difference to their lives.”

For more information about our services, visit our page here, or call our Care Advice Line on 0330 100 8150.

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