Complex Care Specialist care to meet your health needs Quality of life Trained and supported by qualified nurses England and Wales Available in many locations nationally

Our specially trained carers can help you to overcome the considerable challenges that a chronic health condition or life-changing injury can impose, and help you to remain as safe and well as possible in your own home. 

Nurse-led care for complex health conditions in your own home

From visiting care up to 24/7 care

Supervised staff with enhanced training

Suitable for any age or health condition

Services across England and Wales

Working with your other care professionals

Professional carers

Personal care and practical support

Beth’s story

Beth was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and has full bed care. Beth has a PEG feeding tube and cough assist to help her clear secretions. Beth also suffers with Crohns and mild epilepsy. Beth has no verbal communication, so our staff worked with the family to learn how to read her body language, noises and facial expressions, to identify when she is pain or uncomfortable.

Staff provide personal care, moving and handling and all medication and feed via PEG, following a dietician-led regime. As Beth spends the majority of her time in bed, it is vital we continue to ensure Beth is still able to have good quality of life; staff take her to the local shops and areas of interest, have a hairdresser and nail technician who attend on a monthly basis and play Beth’s favourite music in the home, amongst other things.

We have worked very closely with Beth’s parents, ensuring they have the confidence in Radis to meet Beth’s needs and are now able to take some time for themselves, knowing that Beth is in good hands with a great team around her.

Who do we support?

From young children right up to older people, our services are suitable for anyone that needs it.

People with complex health conditions

Whatever your health condition, if you need nursing care to manage it at home, our service could be suitable for you.

We support both children and adults with a wide range of health conditions. For example, brain and spinal injuries, progressive degenerative conditions such as multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease and muscular dystrophies and congenital disabilities or disabilities that are the result of injuries at birth.

In your own home

Our service enables you, however significant your needs, to live at home, getting care you would otherwise have to have in a nursing home.  So it helps you stay safe and well at home – where you want to be with your family.

Our complex care team receive enhanced training by qualified professionals to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of your condition and any nursing procedures that are required before they carry out any care. They will work closely with the clinicians already involved in your care and can support on a variety of prescribed healthcare tasks, for example:

  • Tracheostomy care
  • Non-Invasive Ventilation and cough assist
  • Gastrostomy and Jejunostomy Care and feeding
  • Seizure management
  • Catheter care
  • Stoma care
  • Oxygen and Nebulised Solution administration
  • Medication administration

Care supervised by qualified nurses

We employ qualified nurses who are experienced in overseeing nursing care at home.  They will oversee all aspects of your nursing care, working closely with your carers and local management, to make sure they assess your needs, work with you to prepare a care plan, review your care and provide training to staff.

Our nurse-led care offers a holistic approach that adapts to your changing needs. You will have a named community nurse lead who will be in regular contact and will work closely with you, your family and with the NHS or other health professionals involved. Our carers will also have access to support from an on-call nurse 24 hours per day, seven days a week to ensure that the best support possible is available to you night and day.

Other care and support

As well as meeting your health care needs, our carers are trained to meet your wider support needs, including personal care and any practical support you need to live independently at home.

Our aim is to safely deliver the appropriate level of care and support to enable you to achieve your own health goals and personal aspirations.

We believe that empowerment and choice should always underpin the provision of care and we will always place you at the heart of the service we provide.

Level of care you need – right up to 24/7

We can provide pop-in visits to support you and your family carers, or longer periods of care including full 24 hour care if needed.

Working with other professionals

We understand that you may have other healthcare professionals managing your care, and so our staff will work closely and seamlessly with them to make sure we are part of a wider multidisciplinary team, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your safety, health and wellbeing.

Our staff

We ensure that a small, regular team of carers meet all of your care needs, so that they build a close understanding of your needs and preferences, and can provide it in a consistent way.

Our staff are highly trained carers, who are carefully selected for their skills and experience. We provide them enhanced training via our qualified community nurse leads, to make sure they are fully competent to provide your care, including any nursing procedures. The community lead nurse provides ongoing support and supervision to make sure they continue to meet your health care needs fully.

Across England and Wales

We can provide care in many areas of England and Wales, so please contact us to day today find out how we can support you.

“Our son is cared for so well, we are able to continue with our own lives knowing that he is happy and safe.”

Family memberComplex Care

“Radis has been a God send for me and my family, I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me.”

Family memberChildren’s Support

“I’ve waited 30 years to feel like this, the service is paradise.”

ClientSupported Living, Staffordshire

“Living in my own home and keeping my independence has always been very important to me and with the help of Radis Community Care, I am able to do this. My care worker lives with me and helps and supports me with everything I need. Without my live-in care workers, I would not be able to live safely and independently in my own home.”

ClientLive-in Care

“It gives me comfort that although I live overseas I know mum couldn’t be in better hands.”

Family memberVisiting Care, Berkshire

“I am now 97 years old and am still able to do what I can for myself, which is thanks to the design of the building and the care and support I receive from the staff.”

ResidentWellwood House Extra Care Housing scheme

Contact us today to talk about your care needs and how complex care may work for you


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