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We provide practical care and support to help children and their families with a range of needs to remain safe and well.

Supporting parents with a disability or healthcare need

Ensuring that children get the care they need

Nurse-led care for complex health conditions

Trained staff vetted to work with children

Services in England and Wales

Short term, periodic or long term support

Hannah’s story

Hannah is 5 years old and lives at home with her family. Hannah has epilepsy, cerebral palsy affecting her right side, a visual impairment, mega bowel syndrome and has a shunt fitted.

Due to her complex needs we have worked hard to establish a strong relationship with two of our most experienced support staff. It is important to Hannah that her routine is consistent each day and she trusts the people working with her.

We provide support every morning to assist Hannah, ensuring her daily needs are met and she is living a safe and happy life. We also provide support during the evening, ensuring her parents have some respite and quality family time with their other young children.

Our experienced staff support Hannah’s parents to meet her medical requirements including epilepsy management, administering rescue medication and PEG feeding and care.

Hannah attends a primary school specialising in special educational needs. Our staff encourage Hannah to use the skills she is learning in her school in her daily routine and work with the school to build her communication skills.

Supporting children and their families

Creating a stable, healthy and fulfilling family life is fundamental to the wellbeing of children and parents.

Sometimes families need some support to achieve this – perhaps because your children have health issues or additional needs, or because you are unable to provide care yourself, whether that is for health or other reasons. Whatever your circumstances, we can offer the tailored support that is right for you.

Children with a range of needs

We provide tailored care for children with learning and/or physical disabilities, mental health needs, ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Tailored care

Whatever the needs of your family or child, we can tailor the right type and amount of care and support to meet your needs, whether you need temporary care for children while a parent or guardian is in hospital or recovering from an illness, or longer-term support, we can find a solution for you.

Supporting disabled parents

Our staff can provide practical support and daily care for children where parents have a disability or other long-term health need.

Transition to adulthood

We support disabled children to build daily living skills such as budgeting, menu planning, cooking, travel training, accessing community groups and activities like swimming or going to the park.

We also offer support for older children moving into adulthood and their own homes, helping them to transition into independence.

Nurse-led care

Our nursing care, supervised by Radis’ nursing team, can offer bespoke care for children with complex health issues.

Child protection support

Supervised contacts and welfare checks for children and families, where there may be child protection processes ongoing.

Trained staff

Staff are thoroughly vetted, including their suitability to work with children, and selected for their experience and qualities for working with children and their families. We provide extensive induction and ongoing training, and ensure all staff are supervised and supported in their caring role, providing care that you can trust.

Working together with you and any professionals involved, we help ensure that you and your family can continue to live in a stable, caring environment at home, leading as ‘normal’ a life as possible.

Support available in England and Wales

Please find out if we cover your area by contacting us today.

“Our son is cared for so well, we are able to continue with our own lives knowing that he is happy and safe.”

Family memberComplex Care

“Radis has been a God send for me and my family, I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me.”

Family memberChildren’s Support

“I’ve waited 30 years to feel like this, the service is paradise.”

ClientSupported Living, Staffordshire

“Living in my own home and keeping my independence has always been very important to me and with the help of Radis Community Care, I am able to do this. My care worker lives with me and helps and supports me with everything I need. Without my live-in care workers, I would not be able to live safely and independently in my own home.”

ClientLive-in Care

“It gives me comfort that although I live overseas I know mum couldn’t be in better hands.”

Family memberVisiting Care, Berkshire

“I am now 97 years old and am still able to do what I can for myself, which is thanks to the design of the building and the care and support I receive from the staff.”

ResidentWellwood House Extra Care Housing scheme

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